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Below is a list of some of the free tools we personally use to combat spyware, malware, viruses (virii?), trojans, junkware, and other assorted stuff you really don’t want lurking around on your computer. We didn’t write any of this software, and it is by no means a complete list either. We have, however, used every item on this list in the past, and figured it was worth sharing around.

Scanners / Preventative Measures (Pre Infection):

These are more “general use” tools and, with the exception of CryptoPrevent, are all pretty straight forward to use. It’s mostly a case of install/update/scan, but if you’re not familiar with them (or are not sure if you have a current antivirus or antispyware program installed that may conflict with these), please consult an IT professional before installing.


Problem Fixers (Post Infection):

These are more advanced technical tools designed at dealing with and removing infections, meaning that they’re not to be used unless there is actually a problem you’re trying to fix. While incredibly powerful, they’re not exactly the most user friendly things in the world (‘designed by geeks for geeks’, as it were), so if you’re not really sure you know what you’re doing – I’d really recommend calling a technician first. 🙂


Hopefully these tools prove as useful to you in the future as they have to us in the past. Remember, if you’re having problems with viruses or similar little nasties on your computer, the team at Supporting theProduct are here to help, and we’re only a phone call away.

Call us today on (07) 5370 2400 to book in one of our IT Professionals to review your business IT needs – prevention is always better than cure!